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Pistachio & Pomegranate Raw Cheesecakes

Pistachio & Pomegranate Raw Cheesecakes


In the mood for something decadent, without wanting the hassle of baking? Try these lil 'cheesecakes!' They're made with less than 10 ingredients, and could not be healthier to have as a sweet treat. The weather in LA has been up and down so much lately (in the high 70's a couple days ago), that I've found myself craving these multiple times just to cool down! Hope you enjoy them too. 

• ½ cup raw cashews, soaked in boiling water for a few minutes and drained
• ½ cup raw pistachios, soaked in boiling water for a few minutes and drained
• 10 dates, soaked in boiling water for a few minutes and drained
• ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
• pinch of sea salt

• 1 cup full fat coconut milk (unsweetened)
• ½ cup coconut oil, melted
• 1 date, soaked in boiling water then drained
• ⅔ cup pomegranate seeds

1.  In a 12 cup muffin tray, cut out little circles of parchment paper and place on the bottom of each cup. This will make it easier to pull the cheesecakes out when they're ready. Set aside. 

2. In a food processor, add nuts, dates, cinnamon, salt and pulse. Continue for a few minutes, until nuts + dates are chopped into a sticky dough-like texture. 

3. Transfer crust to muffin tray cups in about 1 tablespoon increments. Press crust firmly to the base of each cup. Sprinkle ⅓ cup pomegranate seeds on top of the crusts. Transfer to freezer to let harden while you make the filling. 

4. In the same food processor (or a high-speed blender), pour coconut milk, coconut oil, dates, and remaining pomegranate seeds. Blend until liquid is a rosy white color. 

5. Take muffin tray out of freezer, and pour coconut milk mixture into each cup. I eyeballed the amount I poured in each - just pour a little at a time so you don't leave any empty! 

6. Place in freezer for 3-4 hours (or overnight). When ready to serve, take muffin tray out of freezer and place in fridge for about 30 mins, or until filling softens and you begin to see the 'cheesecake' texture! 

7. At this point, top with extra pistachio and pomegranates if desired, and you're safe to OM NOM NOM away! <3

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