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My Gluten Free Kitchen Staples

My Gluten Free Kitchen Staples

Are you going gluten free for health reasons? Cooking gluten free for a loved one? Or just gluten free curious? Well, this is the post for you! 

I went gluten free about 4 years ago for health reasons, and haven’t looked back since! This is the guide I wish someone sent me when I was first starting off. Thankfully, there are so many resources, companies, and restaurants that are now gluten free friendly, so it’s a lot easier to live with this dietary adjustment :)

I’m not going to lie though, it was a transition for me when I started using GF flours for baking. Most pre-made mixes left my creations dry or half baked. Through much trial and error, I now know which flours are more porous, add a nutty flavor, create a gummy texture, etc. As you may have noticed on some of my recipes, I love combining brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, and sorghum flour for a homemade baking mix.

Also, if you’re not ready to get cooking+baking in the kitchen, do not fret! I’ve added some of my fave gluten-free snacks below as well. You can pick almost all of these up at most grocery stores, Amazon, or my favorite, Thrive Market! For those who don’t know, Thrive is an online wellness cornucopia - and where I personally buy 90% of my pantry + skincare + household items. The yearly membership is super reasonable, and they offer big price cuts on literally everything. To get 25% off your first Thrive order and 30 days free membership, click here.

Beyond products, one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give you is this: Instead of looking at what you can’t have, become fascinated with all the incredible and creative things you CAN have! For example…teff flour? Never heard of it before going gluten free. Now I know that it’s an ancient grain with a nutty, earthy taste that has been used in countries like Ethiopia for centuries. It’s also the staple flour used to make injera, an Ethiopian fermented flatbread that I love oh so much. If you have any questions about the flours listed below, please do not hesitate to comment with a question, or send me a message on Instagram! I absolutely love talking about these kinds of things :)

*NOTE: to see which exact products I use on the regular, just click the ‘~’ next to the name of product!




• Rice & rice flour (brown and white) ~
* yes, rice is naturally 100% gluten free folks! this still blows my dad’s mind haha
* great for all purpose baking
* can make things pretty dry if you do not compensate with fats

• Oats & oat flour ~
* pro tip: if you have a blender, you really don’t need to buy pre-made oat flour - just blend it up!
* i’d use this for breakfast oatmeal bars, fruit crumbles, muffins, etc
* oats absorb a lot of water, so i recommend mixing this flour with a couple others to mitigate dryness
* make sure the package says ‘gluten free’ - there are also non gf certified oats out there

• Sorghum flour ~
* a lot of cereal is made with sorghum, this is a great addition to baking mixes

• Quinoa & quinoa flour ~
* awesome source of plant protein! good for baking when mixed with other flours
* if i don’t have flour handy, i sometimes cook regular quinoa and use it for muffins :)

• Teff flour ~
* y’all already know the deal with teff…earthy, nutty flavor
* goes great with chocolate recipes (BROWNIES!)

• Buckwheat flour ~
* similar in flavor to teff but a little more subtle. love, love buckwheat pancakes

• Chickpea flour ~
* i LOVE CHICKPEA FLOUR! it’s the main ingredient in all my socca recipes
* takes on spices + flavor so well
* works better for savory recipes unless you’re interested in chickpea flour cookie dough ;)

• Almond flour ~
* paleo baking staple. this is grain free, and very dense
* great for shortbreads and gluten-free breading!

• Coconut flour ~
* i usually use in a baking mix, never by itself
* keep in mind that less is more (a few tablespoons usually)
* in my experience, adds a shortbread-like flavor

• Cassava flour ~
* a great flour for tortillas, my cassava flatbread, and for anything chewier (gnocchi, dumplings)

• Tigernut flour ~
* tigernut flour is, in fact, nut free! like cassava flour, it is made from starchy root veggies
* a bit sweeter than cassava flour, perfect for a paleo or grain free baking mix


- Bob’s Red Mill
- Arrowhead Mills
- King Arthur
- Simple Mills
- Pamela’s


• Flax meal ~
* made from ground flaxseeds, this is perfect for egg replacement and extra fiber!
* simply mix 1 tablespoon ground flax with 3 tablespoons water for the equivalent of 1 egg
* great for thickening smoothies

• Chia seeds ~
* if you don’t have flax meal handy, use chia seeds!
* 1 tablespoon mixed with 3 tablespoons water does the trick to make a vegan egg as well
* great for thickening smoothies

• Tapioca starch
* pretty much the same thing as tapioca flour, which is the crushed pulp of the cassava root
* depending on the brand, the consistency/starchiness may vary
* great for thickening soups, sauces

• Arrowroot starch ~
* great for thickening soups, sauces, frostings, puddings, etc
* better used with acidic foods & those that you plan on freezing later (stable at low temps)
* made from several root plants (cassava, yuca) and, like tapioca starch, it sucks up a lot of water!


• Baking soda
* baking soda requires an acidic ingredient (ACV, lemon) in order for it to rise well
* usually corn-free, while baking powder usually contains corn

• Baking powder
* baking powder is different from baking soda because it only needs moisture to ‘react’, not acids
* most baking powder is double acting, which means it works before and during baking
* more flexible than baking soda, but usually contains corn


• Apple cider vinegar ~
* the perfect vinegar for making vegan buttermilk! just mix a non-dairy milk with a splash of ACV

• Lemon juice
* if you don’t have ACV, lemon juice will work in a pinch as well!

• Apple sauce
* apple sauce can also be great as a binder or oil-free option for baked goods
* i use sugar free apple sauce


• Olive Oil ~
* packed with heart healthy omega 3’s, a solid extra virgin olive oil will go A LONG way
* use EVOO on low heat (ideally not for baking) because it can easily oxidize

• Coconut Oil ~
* amazing vegan/dairy-free replacement for butter
* use up to 350 F for virgin coconut oil, up to 450 F for refined coconut oil

• Avocado Oil ~
* perfect for higher heat cooking!
* can cook up to 420-450 F depending on brand

• Coconut milk ~
* so creamy and delicious! Great for making dairy-free frosting too


• Maple syrup ~
* a classic refined sugar-free option
* more antioxidants than honey or brown sugar!

• Honey ~
* love adding honey as a drizzle to freshly baked muffins
* i tend to not bake with honey because i prefer it’s raw benefits

• Coconut sugar ~
* i use this as a 1x1 replacement of normal white sugar

• Medjool dates ~
* the PERFECT substitute when going sugar-free, nature’s natural sugars are best :)

• Monk fruit sweetener ~
* unlike other fake sweeteners, this one doesn’t have scary side effects or a gross taste
* great for diabetics or those watching their sugar consumption

• Coconut nectar ~
* like maple syrup, but richer and coconut-y



• Banza ~
• Tinkayada ~
• Brad’s Organic pasta

• Jillz crackers ~
• Simple Mills crackers ~
• The Real Coconut tortilla chips ~
• Siete tortilla chips ~
• Plantain chips ~
• Brown rice cakes ~
• Cassava chips ~

• Go Raw sprouted seeds ~

• Hu bars ~
• Honey Mama’s
• Lily’s semi-sweet chips ~
• NaamNom’s

• Sunwarrior warrior blend, vanilla ~
• Nutiva hemp powder ~
• Nuzest

• Sunbutter ~
• SeaSnax ~
• Artisana ~
• Goodbites ~
• Rise protein bars

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