Hi! I'm Celina, an all-around creatively curious individual living in Los Angeles, CA. I am a visual designer by trade - kitchen sprite and avid doodler by instinct. My goal with this blog is to share a lil piece of myself with you (whether it be through a recipe, personal post, or illustration) and hopefully brighten your day. 

To give you a brief background on how The Visual Veggie was born, rewind to the summer of 2014 and imagine a TEENY studio in San Francisco. At the time I was on summer break from USC (fight on!), and renting a place while interning in the bay area. One weekend morning whilst cooking in my 'kitchen', (imagine a claustrophobic hallway and you've got a good idea of it), I thought about all the food I was making - how it was so colorful and delicious. What compelled me to start my Instagram account, however, was when I realized that I had an easy platform to share these healthy creations with the world! 

Healing through food & nutrition has always been an interest of mine. I've had health problems for as long as I can remember (you name it, I've probably had it), so I've always been conscious of what I put into my body. I was also raised in a pro-veggie family, hence my undying love for broccoli. 

The food I create is almost entirely plant-based and always dairy and gluten free. However, following my lupus diagnosis (yup, V unlucky in the health department) my doctors have motivated me to incorporate sustainably raised/caught fish, poultry and some meat into my diet as part of an anti-inflammatory regimen. If you are unfamiliar with an anti-inflammatory diet, I highly suggest you read Dr. Susan Blum's The Immune System Recovery Plan - it was recommended to me after my diagnosis, and I have found it extremely beneficial. That being said, you will primarily find vegan, gluten-free goodies on my blog!

Beyond food, I also love art (design, drawing, museums, art history - the whole shebang), hiking, traveling, beach bummin', all Wes Anderson and Miyazaki films, my fur babe Mizu, and collecting tiny things that might seem ridiculous to some. Yes, I do have my movie tickets from the past 9+ years in a box somewhere. These things may become more apparent as my blog posts grow...hehe. 

Anyways, thank you so much for exploring and reading my blog. Please do not hesitate to reach out - it means a lot to  hear from you and I always love to collaborate! Have a wonderful day!

- Celina